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Social Media Design –Hoot and Howl

My Role




Hoot and Howl is a startup company creating a backpack for dog owners. The product is targeting dog parents that are traveling with their pets on a regular basis. They do this by having pockets and pouches on the bag with specific uses for dog owners such as a lease clip and a food compartment. 


As the graphic designer I worked with the CEO and other designers to shape the start up’s visual identity. We sought to ideate and give the brand a clear visual identity as well as design branded material for social media. 


One way I did this was to create a brand mascot, “Hootie” the pug who showed up in a variety of ways in Hoot and Howl’s instagram posts. The goal of having Hootie as a mascot was to create a recognizable face that followers could see and instantly associate with the brand. 

Hoot and Howl



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